what we do

Publishing, event marketing and consulting, reflect the experience touchthree is known for and that your organization can depend on. As a consultant we help our clients to define their markets more accurately, produce communications more efficiently and profitably and grow membership through meetings and conferences.

As a design and event marketing firm, we deliver creative solutions for all types of corporate communications. We also create event-marketing materials and strategies that increase attendance and develop membership campaigns targeted at growing your association and providing the support your organization requires.

touchthree provides its clients with intelligent options and practical solutions for creating effective communications and has been for 25 years. And we deliver results.


our approach

As member benefits, publications are not always dependant on advertising dollars but are more concerned with delivering quality content to your members through several channels.

Advertising and new technology can help to offset some of the costs, but most association publications either break even or are marginally profitable. Your publication should be consistently profitable without sacrificing editorial quality and flexible enough to provide for the various needs of your organization.

We provide an award-winning personalized service, and have the resources that your organization can depend on. We are experts in handling the ongoing design and production of publications both print and digital. We build brand awareness with our Event Marketing and our staff helps associations develop and define market strategies that build membership.